Factory self-produced and self-sold
The advantages of our face clean towel are:
  1.  Factory self-production and self-sale
  2. the choice of materials for our products: https://fancyou.shop/blogs/face-clean-towel-knowledge/disposable-face-clean-towel-makeup-remover-wipes-compressed-towel-tablets
  3. Dust-free workshop to ensure hygienic quality, strictly according to the global cosmetic standard production
How It Works
We are excited to offer a special promotion for new customers on Fancyou, a wholesale platform we use to sell our products. As a new customer on Fancyou, you can receive $100 to shop our products for free and receive free shipping. There are no minimum purchases or extra payments required.
The promotion will be applied automatically to your first order. Please note that this promotion does have an expiration date after 7 days of signing up and is only valid when signing up using Fancyoutravelgear's link to Faire.

Email: cleantowels@fancyou.shop

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