Who We Are


   Welcome to Fancyou. 

   Fancyou is specialised in clean towel, compressed towels, disposable face towels... The product in your hands represents over  4  years  of  innovative  design  and exceptional quality.   You decide how far these disposable face towel will take you,   and we will make sure  it's  there  for you every step of the way.  Our cornerstones are fit,  durability and comfort.For the best experience,    make sure you've chosen the right clean towel for you.  Visit our shop for information on clean towel.   

Fancyou unlocks a new era for us. Fancyou clean towels can solve the problem at the root, and use face cleaning wipes really clean the place we need to clean.


  • The natural oil in your skin cause zits, pimples, blackheads, and acne breakouts by clogging your pores, surrounding dirt, and hardening. These skin problems will get worse due to the use of inappropriate skin care products.
  • Fancyou began to produce personal-care products since with advanced technology and clean production environment. We often wonder what we can do to help more people to improve their skin condition, and that is the original intention of our production of face towels.
  • After painstaking research in a clean production environment, we always try our best to make our customers happy and comfortable with our products. From raw materials to finished goods, we control every detail in our manufacturing process. Made from Super Soft Plant Fiber Microfiber, these towels are soft and highly absorbent. Every product we produce can be tracked back to its life.
  • These are ideal for removing facial makeup, eye makeup, glitter, lipstick and more. You can keep any more in your bathroom, toiletries bag, lady bag and your travel bag, in case for need.


Fancyou hope to contribute to the earth, to protect our earth. These Disposable Face Towel are 100% Plant Fiber with no additives. The core of my product design is natural high-quality products. Natural decomposition to maintain environmental balance.